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Key Features

Vr Exchange

This is an extremely exciting technological milestone for crypto and stock traders. The integration of metaverse and VR exchange will be explained to you in detail. Our elves forest has 6 magical castles, including one where you can connect directly to the VR exchange. As soon as you pass the gate, you'll be redirected to the VR environment, where you'll be able to trade on the Alvey chain. What is the process? We are building an exchange interface on top of UE. Assume you play a metaverse game and win coins/points in real time. In reality, there's more to that than meets the eye. Real-time trading will be possible through a background exchange running on a different server. There, we have integrated the interface with the Unity 3D environment, which allows the API to trade in real time. Now, the VR exchange's transactions will appear in a notification outside the trading area. A more animated explorer will be created in Unity 3D where users will be able to see all the blocks floating and then they'll be able to access the TXH. Reference: Goliath VR. Our development stage is in test on unity and background exchange. Upon completion of the first test within 2 months, you can trade on Alvey test net for a while until we resolve any bugs that may arise. Daily traders and investors will be able to do what they love in a more entertaining manner. Because we spend too much time sitting in front of our computers, I realize how important it is to be up and active. Take advantage of the fact that you can be dynamic and still be involved in your trades. Traders will have fun trading in Alvey Multiverse VR Exchange as it enhances focus performance and movement. A trader setup costs about 10k usd, while VR googles cost 280 usd, making trading more accessible to a broader audience. A few of the VR features include opening multiple charts at once (up to 50), live info trading from several different exchanges, a wide range of crypto products, fast transactions, a high level of security, a user-friendly reliable setup, and most importantly, the simplicity and efficiency of the process. Anywhere, anytime, no fuss.

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