Alvey Coin Core Wallet

A.C.C Wallet

Alvey Coin Core is our primary main net wallet. It implements a full node and is capable of storing, validating, and distributing all history of the Alvey Coin network. Alvey Coin Core is considered the reference implementation for the Alvey Coin network.

A.C.C Wallet currently implements the following:

  • Sending/Receiving ALV coins

  • Sending/Receiving ARC20 tokens on Alvey Chain

  • Staking and creating blocks for Alvey Chain

  • Creating and interacting with smart contracts

  • Running a full node for distributing the blockchain to other users

  • "Prune" mode, which minimizes disk usage

  • Regtest mode, which enables developers to very quickly build their own private AlveyCoin network for Dapp testing

  • Testnet mode, using the public Alvey Coin Testnet, with faucet available

  • Compatibility with the Bitcoin Core set of RPC commands and APIs

  • Full SegWit capability with p2sh-segwit (legacy) and bech32 (native) addresses

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